Your monthly membership price of $40.00 includes unlimited visits to the Mac Tabby Cat Cafe Lounge... plus, you're doing something pretty special for cats in need!

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If you plan on being a Mac Tabby regular, memberships save you money each month... AND you're directly impacting the lives of cats... a total win-win!

All members must book a reservation when visiting... however, you'll pay $0 at checkout. You are not limited to a specific number of visits monthly, come as often as you can. Your card will be charged monthly until cancelled. You may cancel any time.

*Memberships include visits to the cat lounge only. Special events and classes are charged separately (ie: yoga, storytime, etc)

*Please bring ID at check-in.

*Membership terms and rewards apply for as long as your card is charged. For security reasons, we do not store credit card numbers, not even in encrypted format. Credit card numbers are stored by the bank payment gateway. Once stored on the gateway, it is not possible to retrieve the full card number.