The iconic mural that sits against the Charlotte skyline in the Optimist Park section of NODA is a building called "Area 15"... home of Mac Tabby Cat Café! The 23,000 square foot building is a "small business incubator" and is home to over 13 small businesses at any given time. It is a place specific to entrepreneurs who care for the community and exude good energy and helping hands... Area 15 has artists, hair stylists, chefs, tattoo artists, a fitness studio, distillery, dancers, a bicycle recyclery and more!



We read a 2009 Charlotte Magazine interview and immediately knew that Mac Tabby found its place:


"The folks in the Optimist Park art collective known as Area 15 pride themselves on being a communal, non-hierarchical group where everyone shares and no one's opinion is more important than anyone elses. So Carlos Espin, owner, refuses to give himself a neat little title for what he does there. Let's just say he's the guy who makes sure everything runs smoothly at the 23,000-square-foot warehouse that's home to a loose confederation of artists, small businesses, and do-gooder groups."

"We say that the building itself is an evolving piece of art that changes with the different people and groups that come through here. So I would say the future is whatever the people want it to be, wherever the people here take us." says Espin.

"I like to think of Area 15 as a community of geniuses. Everyone has something to offer, and we all give what we can."


We felt that our kitties could use the "do-gooder" energy that makes Area 15 what it is... and who wouldn't like to be around other like-minded, helpful, creative folks? Seems like a nice place to visit, and the purrrrfect place to be each day.

For more information and to see current businesses at Area 15, click here.

What we do for ourselves dies with us. What we do for others and the world remains immortal. -Albert Pine