IT'S 100% TRUE... and we are just as excited as you are... we literally CAN. NOT. WAIT to open our doors to all of you, and many homeless Charlotte cats and kittens. We have made a ton of progress over the past year to make this dream a reality...


It's a super simple concept. Cool place, lots of cats to hang with (don't bring your own, we have it covered!) while sipping on some tasty beverages like coffee from Pure Intentions Coffee and kombucha from Lenny Boy Brewing Company, as well as wine and local brews! Our guests will pay by the hour and reservations will be encouraged, although walk-ins are welcome if we have the space! We want to keep our cat to human ratio equivalent so our cats don't get stressed, and you get ample cat time while you're here!


We have leased two spaces side-by-side to abide by NC law, providing a happy and healthy environment! One space is our dedicated "Cat Lounge" that will house 11 cats at any given time with lots of cozy seating for our guests. Our cafe space will be for check-ins, to grab a beverage or some of our paw-some merchandise before heading over to chill with the kitties. You will be allowed to bring food and drinks into the Cat Lounge - just don't share with anyone furry! Our kitties eat food from our local partner in health, Pet Wants Charlotte (their food has no corn, wheat or soy and they never use animal by-products or gluten in their cat food formulas) so never feel bad for the kitties, they eat well!


To hang with our cats, you'll have to sign our online waiver that you will respect the boundaries put in place for the well being of the cats and humans alike!

We have to pay to pet cats? Well, yes. We provide a roof over our kitties head, pay taxes, payroll and all fees any other regular business would pay to stay open, so it's necessary. We don't have a 'product' to sell, we only have "time" with our kitties, so we have to charge for it... otherwise, we would never be able to do any of this and that makes us really sad! Plus, it's totally worth it.


Oh, and when you fall madly in love with a Mac Tabby cat and just can't imagine leaving for home without him... here is the best part... Mac Tabby cats are available for adoption! We are working exclusively with our partner, Catering to Cats and Dogs, to get these beautiful kitties to their forever homes. C2CND provides medical necessities and ensure ALL cats are spayed/neutered and vetted before they become a Mac Tabby kitty. Anyone looking to adopt will be encouraged to fill out the adoption application and work with our adoption coordinators!


Crazy-amazing, right?! We know! We wish we were already swimming in a cuddle-puddle of cats right now, too... but it's totally worth the wait, we promise.


Yoga with our kitties? Yes please! (...we will definitely need to rename that 'Downward Dog' pose!). Story Time in the morning for your little one?! Seriously, nothing cuter. Paint your Pet class with a local artist? Awesome! (and by 'pet', we mean 'cat'... kidding, but not really...) Love live music? Low-key acoustic sets only... to stick with our vibe, and respect our cats sensitive ears.


See? Everything IS better with a cat... and now you're imagining yourself there aren't you? Yeah, it's going to be THAT great...


Sunbathing, rolling in catnip, randomly darting from room to room for no apparent reason...


In all seriousness... we are working hard to secure permits, licensing and work with zoning restrictions (and the list goes on!) We are the FIRST cat café in our area, so we knew there would be more than a few hurdles to jump. We have secured our location (check that out here) and now we are working on the little details to make our cat-nap dreams come to life! Keep checking back or fill out the form below to get on our mailing list to stay updated!


Thank you in advance for your excitement AND your patience... we can't wait to have you as our guest!


We love the Charlotte community as much as we love cats (and that's a LOT!)


We would love (actually, PREFER) for you to be involved in this crazy-amazing concept. Are you a yoga instructor, artist or musician? We'd love to know. Do you have something super unique you'd like to offer? We are all ears... PLEASE, tell us! Just want to stay 'in the know'? ...that's totally cool too...Your insight, opinion and talent matter to us... we are so glad you're here!